Privacy policy


  • 1. The Service is operated by
    ul. Piotra Niedurnego 79
    41-709 Ruda Śląska
  • 2. The Service performs the function of acquiring information on users and their behaviours in the following manner:
    • a. through information voluntarily introduced by means of forms
    • b. through saving „cookie“ files in final devices.
    • c. through saving technical logs at the web server level.
  • 3. This Policy is an information document and does not replace the security policy pursued by the Service Operator in compliance with the personal data protection regulations.
  • 4. As regards the data that personal within the meaning of the personal data protection regulations, these data are administered by the Service Operator.


  • 1. The Service collects information submitted voluntarily by the user.
  • 2. The Service may also save information on connection parameters (time marking, IP address)
  • 3. The data given in a form are not rendered accessible to any third parties without the user’s consent.
  • 4. The data given in a form may constitute a set of personal data; in that case, such a set is registered by the Service Operator in the register conducted by the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection.
  • 5. If the data in the form enable identification of a natural person, then such a person shall have the right to inspect, modify and request discontinuation of processing their data at any time. However, this may result in a lack of access to some service functions.
  • 6. The data given in the form are processed for the purpose resulting from the specific form, e.g. with a view of entering into a commercial contact.


  • 1. The Service makes use of cookie files.
  • 2. Cookie files are computer data, in particular text files, which are stored in the Service User’s final device and are intended for using the Service web pages. Such type files usually contain the name of the web page they originate from, the time of storing them in the final device and a unique number.
  • 3. The entity that places cookie files on the Service User’s final device and gets access to them is the Service Operator or any entities related to the Service Operator.
  • 4. Cookie files are used for the following purposes:
    • a. generating statistics which help understand how Service Users use web pages, which in turn allows the Service Operator to improve the structure and contents of the sites;
    • b. maintaining the Service User’s session (upon logging); as a result, the User does not need to enter a login and a password on each Service subpage;
  • 5. Two basic types of cookie files are applied within the Service: session cookies and persistent ones. Session cookies are temporary cookies which are stored in the User’s final device until he/she logs out, leaves the web page or switches off the software (the browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the User’s final device for the time specified in cookie file parameters or till they are removed by the User.
  • 6. The web site viewing software (browser) usually allows for storing cookie files in the User’s final device by default. Service users may change the respective settings. The browser allows to remove cookie files. Also automatic blocking of cookie files is possible. Detailed information on the subject can be found in help files and in the browser documentation.
  • 7. Limitations on application of cookie files may affect some functionalities available on the Service web pages.
  • 8. The cookie files placed in the Service User’s final device may also be used by the advertising providers that cooperate with the Service and by the Service’ partners, including payment operators.
  • 9. We recommend that those companies’ privacy protection policies should be read so that to learn the principles on using cookie files in statistics: Google Analytics’ Privacy Protection Policy
  • 10. Cookie files can be used by advertising networks, in particular by the Google network, for showing advertising that is customised to the manner in which the Service user uses the Service. To this end, the networks can save information the user’s navigation path or the time he/she has stayed at the web page.
  • 11. As regards the information on the user’s preferences as collected by the Google advertising network, the user may review and edit the information resulting from cookie files by means of the following tool:


  • 1. Information on some behaviours of users is subject to logging in the server layer. The data are used solely for the purpose of providing hosting services as efficiently as possible.
  • 2. The resources reviewed are identified through URL addresses. Also the following data may be subject to recording:
    • a. inquiry arrival time,
    • b. answer dispatch time,
    • c. client’s station name – the identification is done through the HTTP protocol,
    • d. information on errors that occurred during realisation of the HTTP transaction,
    • e. the URL address of the site previously visited by the user in the event when the Service has been entered through a reference link,
    • f. information on the user’s browser,
    • g. information on the IP address.
  • 3. The above data are associated with specific persons browsing through pages.
  • 4. The above data are used only for the purpose of the server administration.


  • 1. Data are rendered accessible to outer entities solely within the limits of law.
  • 2. Data enabling identification of a natural person are rendered accessible only upon that person’s consent.
  • 3. The operator may be obliged to supply the information collected by the Service to authorised bodies on the basis of lawful requests in the scope resulting therefrom.


  • 1. If a user does not wish to receive cookie files, he/she may change the browser settings. We make it clear that switching off of servicing the cookies necessary for authentication, safety and user’s preference maintenance processes may hinder the use of web pages and, in extreme cases, may render it impossible to use them.
  • 2. In order to manage the cookies settings, choose a browser/system from the list below and follow the instructions: