We create history of steel industry and steel processing since 1840. We continue this long-standing tradition of the development leader, caring for the local community and focusing on increasing the company’s value. We have ambitions to be a modern and profitable company integrating and inspiring other entrepreneurs, including steel processors. We are assisted in this by belonging to the Węglokoks Capital Group.


  • cold-formed sections,
  • hot-rolled sections,
  • steel constructions with the possibility of design and assembly,
  • welded sections and prefabricated units,
  • laboratory tests in the scope of quality requirements for own steel products and customers.

Our products are covered by a package of services complementing our offer in the above-mentioned areas.

We operate on the basis of values, we use them in our everyday work and relations with clients, employees and partners.

Profitability of actions and undertaken projects
Openness to new business ideas, alliances and products
Searching for technical, technological and organizational innovations
Cooperation between people and the environment


We are a company with rich traditions, our history began in 1840. The heritage of metallurgy can be seen by getting to know our history in the 179 years of history section or on the pages of the Silesian Digital Library (in the library search, enter the password “Huta Pokój”).

Local society

We build constructive relationships with the local community and the broadly understood company environment, we remember about former employees, pensioners and pensioners.

Social Responsibility

We implement the concept of corporate social responsibility. All actions we undertake are always compliant with applicable Polish and European laws and business ethics. We strictly respect human rights, in particular by ensuring the inviolability of the personal rights of our employees.

Responsibility for the natural environment

Being an industrial plant, we pay special attention to the natural environment, minimize the harmful effects of technological processes by implementing modern, pro-ecological solutions.


We are looking for new solutions, we want to create a new quality. We are open and eager to exchange experiences. We work with technical schools and universities.